Let us sink this into our minds in order to be successful

For so long, our generation had been craving for a quick success in their career what really shapes a culture whereby the one is determined by his achievements. It sounds pretty awesome to have accomplished something, but should it certainly be equivalent to successful people’s achievements in order to drive our path towards success?

We are living in an innovative century reaching its peak, and we still have a big number of dissatisfied youth with their status. There is not just one right explanation, but for the meanwhile let’s focus on a major one.

Youth job seekers are comparing their achievements with their idols’, in other words, they are benchmarking themselves with someone else peak; and definitely this will lead them to start their career incorrectly or they may end up unhappy with their current status what will makes them discouraged. And for the ones having many idols, they would really lack the decision-making ability because their capability to make the right decisions starts by choosing the right path.

It is time to stop equating our start. As a young starter, you should be pleased with a slow movement in what you love doing, and to adapt self-learning methodologies to earn a well recognition.

The Talking Mind

(3:00 AM) – Mind:

Go to sleep.

(3:01 AM) – Me:

Let me sleep.

(3:03 AM) – Mind:

Does a soul sleep?

(3:04 AM) – Me:

Does the dark distinguish between you and the soul?

(3:05 AM) – Mind:

Ever since the world began, species were sent to extinction.

Do you know who survived?

A loyal black dog, a free yellow bird, and an overjoyed white cat.

Do you know where they are?

(3:10 AM) – Me:


(3:11 AM) – Mind:

In a cage.

(4:30 AM) – Mind:

Where are you?



A Letter From the Moon

Dear Dreamer,

Have you ever asked yourself, if are you satisfied with what you have, or whether what you have is enough? What if you were trying to reach a star, while the moon is what you deserve?

I’ve seen failure, and I’ve seen strengths by facing my weaknesses. Some say motivation is a theory, but I’d rather say it is an application; an application of all the strengths you have acquired through life, school, and even your family. Your breaking points will definitely give you a greater comeback, so never be afraid of facing storms. Instead try winning the battle. You are capable of applying life lessons in areas that suit you.

Never forget that your mind has no limits. Nonetheless, when you are satisfied with what you have accomplished so far and you settle down without seeking more, you would be building up a wall between you and your mind’s capabilities.

It is time to prioritize me –  I, the Moon, among the stars you have. Devote yourself for me, and dream BIG!


The moon.

Overcoming E-commerce Collapsed Trust

It is very common to find people debating on whether or not to buy products or services of all kinds over the internet, especially here in Lebanon. The real concern is about the safety of online transactions, which makes it really hard for a business to earn the trust of people. Regardless if E-commerce businesses are trustworthy or not, they still spend millions of dollars every year to improve their security; in other words, digital consumers may spend $1 on a commodity, while the business is actually investing a fair amount of money in research and development to protect this $1 transaction fee.

Historically, buying E-Books was common among students, not because they felt safe paying online but rather because they could find what they needed and download them with a price cheaper than the one on the market. Nowadays, online purchases include tangible goods, hence why people may have second thoughts about making the transaction for two main reasons. On one hand, potential buyers are influenced by experiencing the good before buying it which is not applicable anymore and they are afraid of losing their money over bad quality goods. On the other hand, they do feel unsure about using their credit cards on the internet out of fear of being robbed.

For these reasons, it would not be easy for companies to convince people to use E-commerce websites. I feel bad to tell you that E-businesses are truly doing their best; it is time for you to make the move towards digital purchases. Here are some tips for you:

Make sure you are dealing with secured network websites:

When your browser tells you that you are surfing an HTTPS website, it means that your credit card information is protected. Your information is encrypted before being transmitted to the gateway which is the bank or the dealer receiving your money.

Read the buyer protection section:

Some websites offer you this section to provide you with some guarantees on your purchases. whenever you feel dissatisfied with the good you received, you can submit a complaint based on these guarantees.

Bear in mind that you are sending your money to the bank:

Payments over the internet are handled with special Internet Payment Gateways provided by important banks. Thus, your credit card is double secured by the site you are dealing with and the bank.


Security and Comfortably Trade Off

It sounds cool when your refrigerator orders eggs and juice for you, and when your air conditioner turns on 30 minutes before you get home, but it doesn’t sound cool when your printer prints out a paper for you with saying ‘ You have been hacked ‘.

IoT (Internet of Things) is found in every single person’s life, and in fact the one can never passes his day with no access to the internet. Our generation really differs from the old ones, our parents used to be energetic while we are trying to remember where we have parked our car.

It seems fun for our generation. But the thing is that everything comes with its cost; for so long we have been experiencing a trade off between user friendliness and security. Before connecting our whole life to our devices, we need to take several points into consideration.

1.   Password for every device you own

Although routers require password for new entrants, yet if someone hacks into it would be so easy for him to hack into other devices connected to this network.

2.   Two factors authentication

The two factors authentication is the new trend. A huge number of users are lazy to set up their two factors authentication, but it imposes more effort on hackers to use our devices on our behalf.

3.   Setting strong and meaningless passwords for devices

Hackers have a shortcut when hacking. They do have a dictionary that help them to find people’s passwords. Thus, a meaningless word wouldn’t be easily discovered.

4.   Upgrading firewalls

Firewalls play vital role in network security whereby every single packet is inspected in order to check its content.

Script Kiddie Shouldn’t Be Treated As Kids

A script kiddie is an unskilled person who uses someone else’s code in order to hack, so he would gain some reputation. Although he doesn’t have enough skill to break into systems, yet if we consider having a huge number of script kiddies trying everyday to succeed with an attack it would make a vital difference. 

Suppose we have 100 beginners, all using the same script to request any file located on the same server. If this code has a loop of 100 times, it will creates 100,000 requests on this server within milliseconds. 

What if the number of requesters is 1,000? In fact, it would be considered as a DDoS attack (Denial of Service). 

It is time to reconsider publishing such code for the public on the Internet. 

Cryptography: Is It A Martial Art or A Language?

Recently, I have been reading Cryptography and Network Security by William Stallings, and honestly, this book really let me appreciate this science. Before I proceed, it is a must to go back in time and to explore the origin of Cryptography.

The derivations of this language evolve around the old Egyptian civilizations; they used to interconnect by means of Hieroglyph which is a thousand years old cryptography language. All king’s messages were translated and secretly communicated using Hieroglyph symbols or images. Cryptography revolved throughout centuries, encoding took place in World War I and II when the German engineer Arthur Scherbius invented Enigma Machine. The revolution of Cryptography extended to a new level, abstract algebra is dominant in this science; most encryption depends profoundly on mathematical notations.



Cryptography was an essential weapon during wars, and it is still the case. Nowadays, all internet users’ messages are transmitted between the nodes of a network and kept somewhere, thus this science is no longer applicable only during wars, it is a martial art and a must to learn in order to communicate safely.



Nature Will Be Messing With Us

Nature will be messing with us. We are living wrong, and we have to adopt new ways taking into account our future. If we change the way we live now, we would be living better later on, and if we can manage ourselves to reduce our consumption of nature today, there would be more resources for our future. Changing the way we live doesn’t sound that easy, but it would have good consequences. According to Somerville (2015), it’s well known that the more stuff people have, the more their lives would be devoted to materials. Moreover, people consume to fulfill their needs, but in fact, nowadays people are consuming because they have become slaves of what they own. It doesn’t really matter what or when you are purchasing something, what really matters is why we are consuming this good. For example, if we stop purchasing unnecessary stuffs, we would be helping the whole community. Therefore, resources would be used more efficiently. In addition, by managing ourselves to reduce the consumption of nature, we would be serving the entire planet. Man in nature is greedy. Whenever he has an opportunity of taking more, he won’t miss it. Unfortunately, if the human being doesn’t manage himself to be no greedier, resources won’t be enough so that all people live equally. “The world’s population is now well over seven billion and growing. We have reached a stage where the amount of resources needs to sustain our population exceeds what is available” (Guillebiud, 2014). Such great population made it clear that one of the biggest issues facing our future is the lack of resources. For instance, building on the waterfront; this construction is spreading quickly, and if people don’t manage to put an end for it, our water areas would be too small. In fact, if we can reduce this construction, we would invest the water in better places such as electricity that it would be distributed equally among all nations.